Buy Fluxcam credits

Buy fluxcam credits for use on the fluxcam.net cam network.

This is a one-off (not recurring) payment and purchased credits do not expire.

You can use credits to pay for private camshows, tip during live performances or send tributes.

One US Dollar equals One Fluxcam Credit.
Send a tribute to a performer
Send credits to a registered performer by picking below:
You buy credits and they get deposited directly into a performer's account as fluxcam credits.

You do not need to be a member to do this.

Choose the amount to send on the next page

Buy credits for yourself
Buy credits to spend at leisure on fluxcam performers. You'll need a user account on fluxcam or one of its sister sites to do this (since the credits have to be stored somewhere).

To buy credits for yourself please register or login from your fluxcam-enabled site, and select "Buy credits".